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Kendall Howard 1915-3-700-12 12U CORNER WALL RACK

SKU: KEN1915-3-700-12
Manufacturer: Kendall Howard
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Kendall Howard 12U-Corner-Wallmount-Cabinet

The Kendall Howard 12U Corner Wallmount Cabinet is truly unlike any other rack on the market. The first and only EIA compliant wall mounted equipment rack that can mount in the corner of the room. This product is so unique that it falls under the protection of several pending patents. Imagine the ability to mount equipment in schoolrooms, offices, or utility rooms without taking up valuable wall space. Saving space means saving time and money.
Space Saving Design - Geometrically merges itself into the environment saving space, opening up walkways and improving the overall flow and footprint of the room.
Multi-Angle Equipment Monitoring - Because of its ability to mount in the corner, its sleek design allows your equipment to be monitored from virtually anywhere in the room.
Easy One Person Install Mounting System - We understand that every installation is different and brings with it its own challenges. It’s because of this that we have included a brilliantly engineered mounting system that allows the cabinet to be installed by just one person while still maintaining a 650 pound load capacity.
Removable Locking Access Panels - Compliments the already user-friendly design by allowing access to the healthy 18 inch mounting capacity for maintenance or changes.
Reversible Lift-Off Door - Simple lift-off capability can be left or right mounted for a universal solution that can be tailored to each user’s specific needs.
Open Back Design - As an added feature, we have created an open back design allowing cables to be easily fed through the wall, terminated, and managed prior to hanging the cabinet.
Top and Bottom Laser Knock-Outs - To top it all off, we have added Laser knock-outs for fans and conduit in the top and bottom panels making it a breeze to configure for any application or environment.

• Fully EIA compliant rail design
• Depth: 18" usable, 27" actual
• 10-32 tapped rails
• Smoked front door window
• 650 pound load capacity
• Black powder coat finish
• Limited lifetime warranty
• Made entirely in the USA

Download Kendall Howard 1915-3-700-12 Corner Mount Rack Data Sheet (.pdf)

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Kendall Howard 1915-3-700-12 12U CORNER WALL RACK

Kendall Howard 1915-3-700-12 12U CORNER WALL RACK

SKU: KEN1915-3-700-12

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