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At Tri-Tek Electronics, we're ready to help you with your sourcing needs in every way we can. Our website is designed to be a useful tool to help educate our customers on the various products and technologies we can offer through the wide range of manufacturers we work with.

Why should I create an account if I only want to browse your website?

Many of our manufacturer's have policies regarding "Minimum Advertised Pricing". For this reason, we only present the Manufacturer's Suggested List Prices on our website to guests. Once logged in, however, you will be shown the prices we offer to our regular customers on a daily basis - which usually represent SIGNIFICANT discounts from the MSRP. Just by creating an account, you will be put into our "Silver Level" discount group. If you purchasing needs justify it, you can be moved into further discount groups.

What if I am a contractor/installer and my purchases are for resale?

Tri-Tek Electronics has become a valuable supplier for contractors and installers who resell our products to their customers in an installation. For this reason, we offer our best "resale Level" pricing to contractors and installers who are buying for resale. After you create your account, just email us to notify us of your company status, and we will change the account to our "Resale Level" discount. You must represent a verifiable contracting or installation company to qualify for this price level.

What if I am an Arizona-based customer, but I am exempt from Sales Tax?

If you are buying for resale, are a qualified hospital, or are a Federal Agency, please submit a form 5000 to us so we can change your account to tax exempt status (50% for Federal Agencies). Once this change is made, you will be able to make purchases from our website and the sales tax will not be included in the final price for checkout.

How do I establish an account with Tri-Tek Electronics so that I am invoiced for my purchases?

By default, we accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for purchase made through this website. If you are an established Net 30 customer, you will be able to choose "Purchase Order" as a payment option in addition to the normal credit card payment options. In addition, your account can be assigned with a permanent Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) number, or Contract Number, which will be reflected on all invoices. To establish an account, please contact us at 1-877-TEK-PARTS.

Why do the shipping charges seem high for such a small order?

Unfortunately, we cannot control the rates charged by UPS and all shipping charges are quoted directly from UPS through an automated process. Just because you are buying a $2.00 item does not lower the rate UPS will charge to us. We therefore encourage you to make a purchase of adequate value to offset the shipping charges, as often the shipping charge will not increase significantly over the "base" charge.

For orders where UPS Ground service has been selected, we may on occasion opt to deliver smaller items via USPS Priority Mail - especially for residential deliveries. Our website does not allow the shopper to choose this option because we cannot always utilize this service. In this event, the UPS Ground shipping rate will still be charged.

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