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Central Point from Costar Video Systems - Affordable and Powerful Video Surveillance Functionality for Business

Costar Central Connect Technology allows a camera to easily connect to a CI series recorder by having the camera automatically assign itself an IP address and configure a recording profile. Within minutes, Central Connect cameras self-configure themselves and appear on the network hassle-free. This time-saving technology makes setting up your Central Connect camera quick and easy. Built for a wide-spectrum of economy to enterprise level applications, Central Connect delivers a complete solution that can support over 1,000 recorders. This system can utilize 4, 8, 16, and 32, channel NVR models, and every Central Connect system is 100% ONVIF Profile S and Profile T compatible.

Central Point is a powerful Video Management System (VMS) for Costar Central Connect Technology that allows users to intuitively view live camera feeds and access specialized video tools such as event search, playback, video export, and more. It contains a video event search function for archived footage as well as event mapping features to showcase specific video segments where movement is present. An included intuitive mapping system also allows you to overlay camera placements on top of a digital image to more easily control the user interface. Using this feature, users can click on camera icons and easily see the field of view associated with that camera’s location inside buildings or other areas on the map with camera icons.

Costar Video Systems is based in Coppell, Texas, and offers products manufactured outside of China that are unaffected by the current trade policies and NDAA product prohibitions. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and show you a path forward as you navigate any supply chain challenges.

Download the Costar Video Systems Central Point product brochure (.pdf)


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