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Creating an IP CCTV system? Cameras are just half of the equation. To view and record multiple IP CCTV cameras it is necessary to utilize either a hardware-based Network Video Recorder (NVR) or a software-based Network IP Camera Recorder. IP Viewing software can be installed on any on-site or off-site, Internet-connected PC and will communicate with assigned IP cameras from multiple locations. Recording is done onto the HDD of the host PC. A hardware-based NVR offers the advantage of a dedicated, stand-alone device to record local and remote cameras on-site. It can also be viewed remotely via the Internet.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting your IP camera system and NVR:

  • Many IP camera manufacturers will include a basic NVR recording application with their cameras. Some of these will work for only 1 camera, 4 cameras, or up to 16 cameras. This is a great value to the end user, but often has limitations in functionality. In addition, the software will usually only work with IP cameras produced by that specific manufacturer, so the scope and range of the IP cameras is limited to a single product line.
  • To add IP cameras to an existing analog system, a Hybrid NVR must be used. This takes the form of a dedicated hardware device, such as our Tek-View "All-in-One" DVRs. A software-only NVR application will not be able to integrate existing analog cameras (unless Network video servers are used on each analog camera).
  • When selecting either a software or hardware-based NVR solution, make sure the cameras to be used are compatible with the NVR. IP Cameras offer resolutions as high as 20MP, but most consumer NVRs will only record up to 3MP. Our Tek-View NVRs are capable of up to 8MP resolution recording at a full 30fps.
  • A hardware-based NVR recording is a good way to ensure local on-site recording while still enabling centralized remote viewing of recordings. This can be an important back-up for centralized monitoring that may be affected by lost communication lines to a site.

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