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Tri-Tek Electronics is proud to feature a wide variety of professional CCTV video surveillance cameras, including new HD-TVI Hi-Def over Coax cameras, from some of the top-quality and value manufacturers in the CCTV industry. We feature CCTV bullet, dome, PTZ, discreet, and box-style CCTV cameras from established and quality CCTV manufacturers.

HD-TVI - The new standard for 1080p High Definition Video over Coaxial Cable!

HD-TVI means High Definition Transport Video Interface. HD-TVI technology, developed in the USA, can convert digital signals to analog ones, extend video transmission distance, reduces the total cost of CCTV projects, and take less storage capacity.

Features of HD-TVI CCTV Technology:

  • 1080P/720P( 25/30 fps) video signal
  • Long transmission distance at 300-500 m
  • No Video loss
  • Real-time preview with no delay
  • Transmit video signal, audio signal and dual-way data communication over a single coaxial cable!
  • Transmits over standard coaxial cable, allowing users to easily and inexpensively upgrade older analog camera systems using existing cable.
  • DVRs are backwards-compatible with all existing 960H / 700TVL / Analog cameras.

Advantages of HD-TVI over HD-CVI, HD-SDI, and IP Cameras:

  • Lower coaxial cable quality requirement than HD-SDI
  • Longer transmission distance than HD-SDI or IP camera
  • Higher anti-interference and transmission reliability than IP or HD-SDI
  • Lower bandwidth requirement than IP CCTV systems
  • Longer UTP transmission distance than HD-CVI
  • Only technology that is compatible with 1080p/720p and analog simultaneously (HD-CVI is NOT!)
  • Shared technology between many manufacturers versus HD-CVI from a single manufacturer (Dahua), meaning greater range of compatible products available
  • Best of all - Low unit costs make HD-TVI technology an EXCELLENT investment for Hi-Def CCTV surveillance!

Look for our Multi-Format 4-in1 CCTV cameras to ensure your camera additions are compatible with any existing DVR. All of our Tek-View DVRs are multi-format and compatible HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and analog 700TVL 960H cameras.


Try our simple CCTV Lens Angle Calculator to determine the right lens for your camera installation!

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