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Energizer EN91 Industrial AA Batteries

Manufacturer: Energizer Battery
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AA type Box of 24 Alkaline Batteries

Energizer EN91BX Industrial AA Batteries, 24 per Box

Keep all of your devices running smoothly with EN91 Industrial AA Batteries from Energizer. One of the most commonly used battery sizes, these AA cells work effectively in everything from high-performance gadgets like LED flashlights and digital cameras such as flashlights to less demanding electronics like remote controls and calculators. The batteries feature a cutting-edge Zinc Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2) chemistry that can operate in harsh hot and cold temperatures, and gives the cells a substantial shelf life of up to 7 years. Each 24-pack's box packaging contains 6 smaller boxes of 4 cells each, allowing you to carry or store smaller quantities at your own convenience instead of carrying two dozen cells at once.

  • Battery Size:AA
  • Battery Capacity:2850mAh
  • Battery Voltage:1.5V
  • Battery Technology:Alkaline
  • Battery Terminals:Pressure Contact
  • External Diameter:14.5mm
  • External Height:50.5mm
  • RoHS Compliant: NA

Download Energizer EN91 AA-cell Battery Specifications (.pdf)

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