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An antenna mast is the vertical tubing that supports the antenna and is used in every installation. The purpose of the antenna mast is to simply hold and stabilize the antenna, while the mount holds the mast which is installed in the desired location, usually on a rooftop. A few things to consider when choosing a mast are the height, weight, and size of the antenna being installed and also the relative wind conditions in the area. If your geographical area has consistent heavy winds, consider leveraging your antenna setup with premium Channel Master Guy Wire.

All Channel Master antenna masts are constructed with high quality 18 gauge galvanized steel, which gives Channel Master antenna masts superior durability and excellent rust resistance for a long useful life. Channel Master antenna masts are available in 5 and 10 foot lengths.

If a longer antenna mast is needed, the Channel Master galvanized steel telescoping mast is a perfect option. It comes in four lengths: 20, 30, 40, and 50 foot. The telescoping mast comes in 10' segments which interconnect via smaller diameter ends. The Channel Master mast units are produced using high tensile steel tubing with a powder coat finish, making them tough, weather protected, and 50% stronger than high carbon steel masts of the same diameter.

All antenna masts taller than 10 feet should be installed with premium Channel Master guy wire for maximum stability and safety.

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