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3M SJ-3560 Dual-Lock Fastener

SKU: 3MSJ-3560 /Roll
Manufacturer: 3M Specialty Markets
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Clear with VHB Adhesive Tape, 50 yard roll. MPN#SJ-3560 /Roll#

3M SJ-3560 Dual-Lock Fastener

3MDual Lock™Reclosable Fasteners consist of continuous strips of plastic backing, with plastic mushroom shaped stems protruding up from the backing strip. When two pieces of Dual Lock fasteners are pressed together, the mushroom heads interlock with one another, with an audible snap. To open, simply pull apart. This provides fast, secure reclosable fastening performance for a wide range of applications. Cycle life exceeds 1000 reclosures.

Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners can replace conventional fasteners such as screws, clips, rivets, snaps and bolts in many applications. Plainbacked Dual Lock Fasteners are sewn or stapled in place. Other Dual Lock Fasteners are supplied with an adhesive backing for cost-effective installation on many substrates. Simply peel off the liner and press in place.


  • Interlocking mushroom heads for fast, cost-effective reclosable fastening
  • Self-engaging Type 250 stem pattern.
  • High performance VHB tape adhesive system
  • Clear product for color compatibility
  • U.V. resistance
  • Plasticizer resistant adhesive attachment to many flexible vinyls

Download 3M SJ-3560 Product Specifications (.pdf)

Download 3M Hook and Loop Fastener Selection Guide (.pdf)

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3M SJ-3560 Dual-Lock Fastener

3M SJ-3560 Dual-Lock Fastener

SKU: 3MSJ-3560 /Roll

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