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Vacuum Pick-up Tool

Vacuum Pick-up Tool

SKU: ECL900-238
Manufacturer: Eclipse Tools
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Vacuum Pick-up Tool

The hand-held SMD vacuum pickup tool is ideal for picking up and moving electronic components, large or small. With fountain pen dimensions. It fits easily into your hand or pocket. And its new high-power probes have longer holding action.

Lightweight, portable and suitable for the picking and placing small components weighing up to 50 gram and having a flat surface, dilly packages and surface mount components, etc.

Held like a pen, the Vacuum is operated by a simple press and supplied with 2 angled and 3 straight pick-up hands with a choice of 4mm, 6mm or 10mm cap diameters.
Replacement caps: (3 Pcs)

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Vacuum Pick-up Tool

Vacuum Pick-up Tool

SKU: ECL900-238

Not Rated Yet
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