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Electrosolve Contact Cleaner, 12 oz Aerosol - MG Chemicals 409B-340G

SKU: MG409B-340G
Manufacturer: MG Chemicals
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Electrosolve Contact Cleaner - 12 oz

MG Chemicals 409B-340G Electrosolve Contact Cleaner, 12 oz. Aerosol

Contains isohexanes. Use when a zero residue contact cleaner is required. An effective and powerful cleaner that quickly penetrates and dissolves most soil types. For use on most electronic parts and equipment including connectors, contacts, LED's, PCB's, components, circuit breakers, tuners and microprocessors. Variable valve allows user to control rate of flow. Extra effective with the use of MG Chemicals 852 Hog Hair Cleaning Brush.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for use in food facilities as a Non-Food Chemical—Canadian and NFS recognition letters available on request
  • Safe on many plastics
  • Zero residue
  • Fast evaporation rate
  • Dissolves oils and residues
  • RoHS compliant

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Electrosolve Contact Cleaner,  12 oz Aerosol - MG Chemicals 409B-340G

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