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Channel Master CM-3214

SKU: CM-3214
Manufacturer: Channel Master
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4-Port Digital Splitter MPN#CM-3214#


Channel Master CM-3214 4-Port Digital Splitter

Channel Master digital TV splitters are used to split your digital TV, HDTV, cable TV, satellite TV, off-air, analog and digital RF signals and to distribute to multiple outlets in your home. All Channel Master signal splitters are professional grade and offer the cleanest distribution of your signal when performance and reliability required. Channel Master splitters meet stringent US and international standards. The CM 3212 is a high quality mini two port TV splitter.

    • 4-way digital splitter
    • Approved at many major cable TV operators
    • Professional grade performance
    • Meets US and international standards
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Weather sealed housing for superior corrosion performance
    • Patented DSM seizure technology which provides increased surface contact area and better center conductor retention for improved performance
    • Splitter manufactured by Channel Master’s parent company PCT International, and is labeled (PCT-NGNII4S)

Operator Approved Channel Master products are used and trusted by many cable and satellite companies. These cable and satellite companies require the highest quality professional grade components in which Channel Master is proud to bring to the market. Feel safe and secure with your installations with operator approved Channel Master products.


Operators Approval
Cox Communications
Time Warner
Dish Network

Closeout - This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Availability limited to stock on hand at time of order.

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