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Manufacturer: Intelix
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HDMI over coaxial extender -- transmitter MPN#DIGI-HD-COAX2-S#

Intelix DIGI-HD-COAX2-S HDMI over RG6/RG59 Transmitter

Finally, HDMI meets Install.

Designed for demanding commercial and residential audio-visual applications, the DIGI-HD-COAX employs Intelix’s industry-leading digital processing to transmit high-definition HDMI signals over a single coaxial cable. The unit transmits 1080p up to 300 feet, 1080i up to 675 feet, and 720p up to 675 feet.

Plus, built-in amplified signal splitting provides seamless daisy-chain distribution to ten remote destinations.

DIGI-HD-COAX2 Features:

  • Extend HDMI over a single coaxial cable. Forget expensive HDMI cables and the distance limitations of twisted pair, the DIGI-HD-COAX transmits HDMI over a single RG6 or RG59 cable.
  • Support two simultaneous displays. The DIGI-HD-COAX transmitter features dual outputs, allowing two distribution paths to operate simultaneously.
  • Daisy-chain multiple remote displays. The DIGI-HD-COAX receiver features a looping output, allowing the multiple receivers to be connected to a single transmitter.
  • BNC or F connectors. The DIGI-HD-COAX features a sturdy, professional-grade BNC connector. For installations with F connectors, Intelix includes two BNC to F adaptors at no charge.
  • HDMI 1.3 and HDCP compliant. The DIGI-HD-COAX is HDMI 1.3 and HDCP compliant.
  • Built Intelix tough. The DIGI-HD-COAX features a durable metal chassis.

Recommended Distances


Replacing that old-school RGB and RGBHV projector? Leverage the existing coax for HDMI! The DIGI-HD-COAX transmits 1080p video over a single RG59 or RG6 cable.

DIGI-HD-COAX Example 1

Homes want HDMI but are stuck with coax. The solution? The DIGI-HD-COAX distributes 1080p HDMI over a single RG59 or RG6—just plug it into the wall and go! Plus, built-in amplified splitters provide seamless integration between rooms.

DIGI-HD-COAX Example 2

Digital Signage applications are plagued by distance and resolution limitations. The DIGI-HD-COAX expands horizons with HD distances up to 300 feet and SD distances up to 675 feet. Plus, built-in amplified splitters provide seamless daisy-chaining between displays.

DIGI-HD-COAX Example 3

Schools, churches, homes, restaurants, and most other buildings are riddled with coax—why not use it for an HDMI upgrade? The Intelix DIGI-HD-COAX leverages existing RG59 and RG6 for beautiful, high-definition audio and video. Plus, dual outputs provide seamless multiple room support.

DIGI-HD-COAX Example 4

Intelix DIGI-HD-COAX Technical Information

Line Drawings

DIGI-HD-COAX Line Drawings

DIGI-HD-COAX System Drawing

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