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Intelix AVO-CLIP-F

Manufacturer: Intelix
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Balun Mounting Clip MPN#AVO-CLIP-F#

INTELIX Balun Mounting Clip

The Intelix AVO-CLIP-F allows Intelix AvoCat Series and Classic Series baluns to be mounted on a 19" rack tray, standard 35 mm DIN rail, or any other screw-mountable surface. Each AVO-CLIP-F contains a universal mounting bracket, DIN rail converter clip, two mounting screws, and four fasteners.

AVO-CLIP Example #1

AVO-CLIP Example #2

Technical Specifications

AVO-CLIP Contents

(1) Angle Mounting Bracket
(1) DIN Rail Clip
(2) DIN Rail Clip Mounting Screws
(4) Tie Fasteners

Bracket Dimensions
3.25" x 1.25" x 3.00"
Bracket Material Black aluminum
DIN Rail Clip Dimensions1.75" x 0.75" x 0.40"
DIN Rail Clip MaterialMolded plastic
DIN Rail Compatibility35 mm DIN rail
Tie Fastener Length
Overall Mounted Height
4" (3U)
Intelix DIN-RACK-KIT Compatibilty The Intelix DIN-RACK-KIT supports up to 26 AVO-CLIPs.
Shipping Weight0.5 lbs.
Warranty2 years
Part #
Intelix Balun Compatibility

(1) AVO-A2-F
(1) AVO-A4-F
(1) AVO-SVA2-F
(2) AVO-V1-F
(2) AVO-V1-ST-F
(1) AVO-V1A2-F
(1) AVO-V2A2-F
(1) AVO-V3AD-F
(1) AVO-V3PT-F
(1) AVO-V3HD-F
(2) RF-F

*DIGI-USB-F, DVI-F, HDMI-F, PS2-F, VGA-HR-F, VGA-UHR-F, VGA-SR-F, DIGI-DVIT2R-F, DIGI-DVIT4R-F and DIGI-HDMI-F are sold in pairs. One AVO-CLIP-F is required for the send unit and one AVO-CLIP-F is required for the receive unit.

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Intelix AVO-CLIP-F

Intelix AVO-CLIP-F


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