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Intelix AVDA-8-F Audio-Video Distribution Amplifier Balun

Manufacturer: Intelix
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Distributes a single source to eight destinations

Intelix AVDA-8-F Audio/Video Distribution Amplifier Balun

The Intelix AVDA-8 distribution amplifier balun distributes a single source to eight destinations (linkable up to 64 total destinations). The AVDA-8-F supports up to two channels of video and two channels of audio, and is compatible with the Intelix AVO-SVA2-F, AVO-SVA2-WP-F, AVO-V1-F, AVO-V1-ST-F, AVO-V1-WP-F, AVO-V1A2-F, AVO-V1A2-WP-F, AVO-V2A2-F, and AVO-V2A2-WP-F.

Features and Benefits

  • Distributes a single source to eight destinations
  • Linkable up to 64 total destinations
  • Compatible with the Intelix AvoCat Series composite video, s-video, and analog audio extenders


  • Route a single analog audio/video source to multiple destinations
  • Ideal for corporate facilities, churches, schools, and conference centers

AVDA-8-F is comparable to:

ManufacturerPart Number
Manufacturer Muxlab Part Number 500200

Technical Specifications

Max Distance
Composite Video: 2200 feet
S-Video: 1000 feet
Source Impedance Requirements
Video Out: 75 ohms
Audio Out: 600 ohms max
Destination Impedance Requirements
Video In: 75 ohms
Audio In: 600 ohms min
Distribution Amplifier Impedance
Video In: 100 ohms balanced
Audio In: 10 kOhms min balanced
Video Out: 100 ohms balanced
Audio Out: 600 ohms balanced
3 dB Bandwidth
Video: DC to 8 MHz
Audio: 50 Hz to 16 kHz
Maximum Differential Input
Video: 0.55 Vp-p
Audio: 0.50 Vp-p
Maximum Differential Output
Video: 0.55 Vp-p
Audio: 0.50 Vp-p
Insertion Loss
Video: 0 dB max @ 4 MHz
Audio: 1 dB max @ 1 kHz
Video Return Loss 24 dB minimus
Cable Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7 compatible
Crosstalk Immunity 60 dB minimum over the frequency range
Power Supply
External AC: 100V
DC: +/- 12 VDC, 5W total max.
Power Supply Connector 5-pin DIN; pin 1 GND, pin 2 GND, pin 4 -12V, pin 5 +12V
Common Mode Rejection
Video: Greater than 40 dB over the frequency range
Audio: Greater than 60 dB over the frequency range
Source Input: One (1) RJ45 on rear panel
Looping Output: One (1) RJ45 on rear panel
Distribution Outputs: Eight (8) RJ45s on front panel
Dimensions 8.5" x 4" x 1.3"
Shipping Weight 2 lbs.
Pin Out
Video 1: 7 & 8, pair 4
Video 2: 4 & 5, pair 1
Audio 1: 1 & 2, pair 2
Audio 2: 3 & 6, pair 3
Operating: 32 to 131 degrees F
Storage: -4 to 185 degrees F
Humidity: up to 95%
Diagnostics Green power LED on front panel
Warranty 2 years
Part #
Included Accessories Power Supply

Intelix AVDA-8-F Technical Specifications (.pdf)

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Intelix AVDA-8-F Audio-Video Distribution Amplifier Balun

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