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3M 130C Rubber Splicing Tape

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3M 130C Moisture Sealing Rubber Splicing Tape 3/4in x 30ft

3M 130C Scoth Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 3/4in x 30ft

This is a highly conformable, linerless Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR), high-voltage insulating tape that provides excellent thermal dissipation of splice heat. Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C meets industry specifications and has excellent physical and electrical properties which provide immediate moisture seal and void-free buildups. This tape is rated up to 194°F (90°C) continuous operating temperatures and short term 266°F (130°C) overload service. This tape should be applied like any rubber tape: that is, the side of the tape wrapped inside the roll should be applied outside on the splice (tacky side up). This will help prevent the roll from getting progressively further away from the work area.

Download 3M Scoth Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape Product Specifications (.pdf)



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